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New Plaza Ballroom Flyer from 1951 Manchester Jazz Appreciation Circle programme from 6th June 1951
Wythenshawe Recorder 1951 Wythenshawe Recorder 1951
News Chronicle 7th June 1951  The Saints Jazz Band - Coventry Hippodrome Programme, 13th January 1951The Saints Programme from 1952 The Saints Programme from 1952
Flyer for The Blue Room from 1952 Flyer for The Blue Room from 1953
Stockport Advertiser 15th August 1953 Manchester Evening News 20th December, 1955Bury Carnival Jazz Contest 9th June 1956 Manchester Hippodrome Programme 21st October, 1956
Manchester Evening News 5th April 1958 Stockport Advertiser 31st January, 1963
Programme for The Talk Of The North 1967 Programme for The Talk Of The North 1967Crescendo magazine from July 1965 Melody Maker 24th July 1971
Manchester Evening News 1970 Manchester Evening News 1st July 1977
Stockport Advertiser 15th August 1953

Stockport Advertiser, 15th August 1953